CAMIL is a center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, gathering researchers and practitioners with comprehensive experience, ranging from knowledge discovery to semantic web to computer vision. CAMIL members have made internationally recognized contributions in fundamental research in AI and ML, and applied their expertise in numerous practical contexts, including medicine, biology, finance, and industry. CAMIL’s Mission is to draw together the competences of its members and serve as a hub for channeling their combined activities.

CAMIL members participated in the following


Measure Visualizations
Theory / Visualization
Priority Attachment
Social Networks
Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
Applications / Medical Imaging
Big Data Semantics
Big Data
Automatic Ligand Recognition
Applications / Structural Biology
Probabilistic Classifier Chains
Multilabel classification / Theory

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EU Network of Artificial Intelligence Excellence Centres

Our (CAMIL + PUT + PCSS) presentation and project ideas from brokerage day for H2020 call on EU Network of Artificial Intelligence Excellence Centres https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/events/cf/h2020-call-on-european-network-of-ai-excellence-centres-infoday/document.cfm?doc_id=39718&rename=