Artificial Intelligence, considered as a merely academic field just a decade ago, is now transformative in its impact on science, business, industry and society. It has become a mature discipline, with a broad range of means (paradigms and methods) and applications (natural language, speech, vision, to name a few). However, progress is followed by raising expectations and increasing complexity of tackled problems, while some fundamental challenges still remain unsolved. Further advancement in the field requires thus various skills and orchestrated efforts of experts with different backgrounds.

The goal of CAMIL is to foster progress in AI and Machine Learning by consolidating the diverse competences of its members under an overarching umbrella of a center of excellence. By integrating skills of internationally recognized academics, we hope to address the key challenges that arise both within fundamental research and in practical applications. Our shared belief, well supported by state-of-the-art scientific evidence, is that the primary road towards intelligent systems is learning, hence the emphasis on ML.

CAMIL builds upon the experience and best practices of its individual members and achieves the above goals by:

  • Conducting cutting-edge research in AI and ML,
  • Running scientific projects that address the fundamental challenges,
  • Combining the know-how that originates in various branches of AI, ML and Computer Science,
  • Solving real-world problems,
  • Fostering international cooperation with leading research teams, industry and public institutions,
  • Disseminating our knowledge by organizing events, training, consulting and open-source software.

The key asset of CAMIL is the expertise of its members. We strive to act as an internationally recognized hub for AI and ML by consolidating and sharing know-how with our partners. We are parts of vibrant scientific communities, working across disciplines on both basic and applied research.

CAMIL originated as a grassroots initiative at the Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, Poland. The profile of our competence is well reflected in a representative sample of research projects. Parties interested in collaboration are invited to reach us using the provided form.